Monday, July 28, 2008

New online navigator

The new get routes functionality published today, puts at your fingertips a powerful navigation browser with step by step directions, full route printing, coordinates management, global mapping, multilingual interface and so on.

It's simple, just enter any source and destination addresses on which you want to calculate the route and press the calculate button. You can enter the addresses in your own language, or if you prefer, specify the coordinates of your gps.

Of course, you can include the route manager into your web page without knowing any programming or web design, simply copying and pasting a bit of HTML.

Check how easy it can be with the example that we offer in the form below:



You may also find useful an example to calculate the route from or to a spot that you prefix, such as your home, your business office, a place of interest, a meeting point, and so on. In that case, you can set the reference address on the form and only ask about the origin where the user wants to reach.

The following example shows the route to Pentasoft offices from any address you enter:

To Pentasoft from:

The interface where you see the results of the route, is an interactive map that allows various types of views (map, satellite, hybrid, 3D, etc.). It also offers a comprehensive positioning and zooming system. You can use the left sidebar with step by step directions to preview addresses just clicking on each one.

We hope you'll find it interesting and, please, tell us what can we improve to get your new browser ever more useful...