Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ginger translates and speaks galician

We're sure you know Ginger, our cute translator. Now you can also include Ginger in your web page offering your users translate and read texts in galician.

The following form shows you an example that you could include in your site:


In addition, you should know that Ginger has greatly improved her pronunciation in the other languages she spokes and translates, and also has learned to translate a little better in some of them, like hindi.

As always, Ginger wants to improve her accent and pronuntiation as soon as possible, so if you like leave a comment for her, she'll get happy listening your ideas...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icons in web search results

I guess is not easy for you to find out the desired response within web search results when they are very similar. Sometimes, search keywords appear several times inside the result link and is difficult to choose the right one.

To help you quickly identify the links to the pages you are searching for, we have introduced in Seekky a small image (favicon) next to each web address (those that appear in green) for each result.

These images are the favicons, and represent a small logo of the page owner, normally an internet company.

Probably you are familiar with some of them:

From now on, alongside with your search results in Seekky, you will find the favicon associated with that page, so it's faster and easier for you to find your favorite results with a quick glance.

Please, share your comments about the new favicons in your Seekky community...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Want to find the face of someone famous?

It's available a new feature for filtering and refining your images search with Seekky.

When conducting a search, take a look at the filter line to check the advanced search options available:

There are three filtering options that you can use simultaneously:

  • Size filtering: Select the images according to their size, so you can choose from images for your desktop wallpaper with extra large size option, to small pictures to use as icons.

  • Content filtering: You can narrow your search to show only images that contain the face of the person you're looking for.

  • Color filtering: Lets you search for images in black and white, grayscale or full color.

With this new feature, you can get Leonardo da Vinci images as usual, or images with the face of Leonardo da Vinci in grayscale.

For children entertainment, you can also try searching images of Mickey Mouse in black and white to colorize...

We hope you find this new feature useful, and please, remember sharing your ideas or comments in your Seekky Community...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to your community

You know that your ideas and suggestions build up Seekky. Up to now, you could only send us your comments via e-mail, and the rest of the community couldn't see or discuss your contributions.

Well, finally you have the opportunity to meet other "Seekkers" to see and share what they think, ideas, comments, suggestions, hobbies... the "Seekky Community" is a newborn.

It's powered by Google Friend Connect and offers cool features like:

  • Sign in with your Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account.
  • Post your favorites videos.
  • Invite friends from other social networks and contact lists to join Seekky.
  • Interact with other "Seekkers" by making friends, sharing media, posting comments, playing games, and more.

The main thing is that Seekky could be your useful tool on the web...join your community and start posting...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Walk the streets with Seekky

Today we have published in Seekky an interesting new feature, which lets you view 3D pictures walking the streets of major cities in the world.

The global coverage is still somewhat limited, but growing rapidly. The following interactive map shows you the current coverage highlighted in blue:

In order to view the images, Flash Player is required. If you don't have it installed, don't worry, the system lets you install it automatically.

To enjoy this new feature you don't have nothing special to do. Select the option to search for addresses and conduct the search as usual:

When searching for any address, business or point of interest, each result get attached the new "street view" option, which let you view the images for that result.
This is an interactive image of The Coliseum:

This feature offers new and exciting opportunities so, as usual, tell us your cool ideas, the ideas you would like to see in this new tool.