Friday, May 30, 2008

Drill-down search

It's already available a new hierarchical web search feature at Seekky. The new technique consist of finding similar pages to each result when conducting any search. In the same way, you can also preview documents related to each result item, as well as additional results pages within the same domain as the site that you're previewing.

The following picture shows an example of the similar pages listing you get as a result of your search CNN.

By clicking on the similar pages icon for the "CNN" result item, you get a hit list containing links to the websites of other news agencies or channels like "ABC", "BBC" and others...

In the same way operates related documents link. In this case, it will show you links to documents (pdf, swf, doc, etc.) instead to websites. Keep in mind that you can preview documents on the same page, as we saw in search and preview multiple documents easily post.

One final interesting feature is "More results from this site" link, which like the other previously annotated links, shows you the pages related to the search concept you want, but in this case, within the domain that you had selected.

It's very easy, the best thing to check is that you try....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Search and preview multiple documents easily

At last, you can use Seekky for searching your favorites documents across the web. With the new 1.19 version you can easily search for pdf files or for several file types at a time like Excel Word or Powerpoint files.

As always, you can easily add the multiple document search functionality to your page. Just add a document search form with some fields and you are done...

file type:

You can navigate accross the document in the same browser window, or save the document to your disk for later review...Just use the appropiate option, click on preview plus image for inline viewing or click in title entry link for local file downloading.

There are some special file types like kml and kmz that can viewed in a map. Just search for those file types and click on preview plus image for map previewing of the file.

The screenshot shows an example of a Seekky map previewing a kml file.

You can play with the example here.

Remember that we love your comments, please feedback whatever you like. See you soon seekker...